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Three generations of quality candy making. Still making candy the “old fashion” way, just like grandpa use to make!

Regina’s Candy Shops are a family affair, a legacy from a young Greek craftsman and his bride, Regina, to their children and grandchildren. We began our tradition with pride in our craft. Today we continue that same tradition without compromise.

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Quality has no substitute is the Regina legend. The marble tables and copper kettles are the same. Candies are cooked in small batches using the finest ingredients: fresh and frozen fruits, sweetcream butter, real whipping cream, and quality nutmeats. There is no skimping on the old family recipes!

A complete candyland fantasy with over 400 varieties to choose from. Our English Toffee and Brittles are endowed with a bucketful of nuts. Other Regina Favorites: Solid Chocolate Figurines, Caramels, Pecanettes, Sweetcream Fudge, and Sugarfree Chocolates.

Regina’s Truffes (troo-fay) have won rave reviews. Pure and rich dark chocolate elegance enhanced with a touch of Apricot Brandy, Rum, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Raspberry, or Mocha Flavour.

Regina’s reputation for quality boxed chocolates is maintained by using the highest quality chocolate coatings (no compounds or thinners). Each center is individually monogrammed, fresh as buttercups, laced with goodness.

Handmade confections for your enjoyment. It’s a tradition!

Experience the taste for yourself.

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